What is Open Depository?

The Open Depository Project presents an attractive extension of the programme for the public. It provides accessibility to the collection items in systematic arrangement and gives visitors the opportunity to learn more closely about the way in which they are stored, the technologies used for their protection and stewardship methods. The open depository will also allow visitors to simultaneously watch the processes of a professional treatment and conservation of objects from various material groups.

The open depository on the total area of approximately 267 m2 will consist of three parts:

  • Exhibitory open depository in which the collections will be stored in shelves specifically modified for particular types of objects so that they will be visually accessible even when stored in bulk.
  • Open conservation laboratory will be operating permanently as a proper professional workplace. It will allow visitors to observe various conservation procedures. The professional staff will be offering consultations or direct demonstrations of conservation methods for those visitors who will be interested in learning more.
  • Study open depository (study room) with professional services – intended for the professional public (external researchers, collectors, students), designed as a study room connected to depositories.