Why an Open Depository?

In the past the advocates for the protection of museum collections were rather against making the collections available to the public. However, in the recent years in which the acquisition activity has slowed down and museums have been acquiring fewer and fewer collection items, the advocates have become more focused on working with the public. There are other forms and methods of museum communication besides exhibitions and thematic displays that are in use today. A very attractive form of bringing the collection items closer to the museum or gallery visitors are different ways of “opening depositories”. These ways include, for instance, an occasional tour through the protective depositories, a laid-out access to unexhibited collections, up to the creation of special open depositories in which the protective function is combined with the presentation function.

We at the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising have opted for the last option and we are very pleased that the introductory event – an international conference – for the Open Depository project will take place soon. The project is being implemented thanks to funding from EEA Grants and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

The conference “Museum depository modernisation and conditions for their opening to the broader public” will take place online on 23-24 March 2021. The languages of proceedings are Slovak and English, interpretation is provided and registration and participation in the conference are free of charge. The aim of the conference is to open a professional discussion at the international level on the need to protect museum collections, but also on the possibilities of making them accessible through museum depositories. For more information about the conference click here (click on the invitation) and about the project itself here (click on the project info on the page).